Recent -selected- Research

Het Verdwijnende Midden in Nederlandse Steden? Mogelijke Gevolgen van Fragmentatie voor de Werkgelegenheid (Hier met de correcte figuren), Preadviezen KVS, 2015, with Harry Garretsen, Gerard Marlet link

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Recent working papers

The Location of Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions in the USA, CESifo Working Paper,No. 5331, 2015, with Harry, Garretsen, Charles Van Marrewijk. link

A closer look at Revealed Comparative Advantage, CESifo Working Paper,No. 5321, 2015, with Charles Van Marrewijk. link

Spatial Concentration of Manufacturing Firms in China, CESifo Working Paper,No. 4872, 2014, with H.Garretsen, Z.Zhao. link

Smart Cities are Big Cities, CESifo Working Paper,No. 5028, 2014, with C. van Marrewijk, Shiwei Hu. link

Do trade Agreements stimulate Trade differently? Evidence from 296 Trade Agreements, CESifo Working Paper,No. 4243, 2013, with H.Garretsen, T.Kohl. link

Lumpy Countries, Urbanization and Trade, CESifo Working paper No. 3669, 2011, with C.van Marrewijk. link

The Positive Border Effect of EU Integration, CESifo Working paper No. 3335, 2011, with H.Garretsen, C.van Marrewijk, A. Oumer. link

Relaxing Hukou: Increased labor mobility and China's Economic Geography,CEPR discussion paper, No. 8106, 2010. with M.Bosker, H.Garretsen, M.Schramm. link

Structural Change in OECD Comparative Advantage, Cesifo Working paper, No. 3033, 2010. with R. Inklaar, C van Marrewijk. link

Market Liberalization in the Natural Gas Market, Cesifo Working paper, No. 2697, 2009 link

Unlocking the Value of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions, Cesifo Working paper, 2294, 2008, link

Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: On revealed comparative advantage and merger waves, Cesifo Working paper, 1602, link

Inaugural Lectures

Inaugural Lecture: On Globalization (in Dutch, may, 18, 2004, erratum: figuur 6-"ontwikkelde/ontwikkelingslanden" omwisselen)

Inaugural Lecture:New Economic Geography and Germany (in Dutch, 17,oktober 2003)