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  • Stochastic Programming Bibliography

    The complete listing of the bibliography (834K) can be browsed.
    This bibliography (4307 items) is also available in BibTeX (1.67M) and Adobe PDF (888K) format.
    Additions (484) of the last update (October 8, 2007) are also available in BibTeX (178K) and Adobe PDF (162K) format.

    Additions and corrections are very welcome (preferably in BibTeX format by ).

    This bibliography can be cited as

    Maarten H. van der Vlerk. Stochastic Programming Bibliography. World Wide Web, http://www.eco.rug.nl/mally/spbib.html, 1996-2007.

    The BibTeX entry I use is

            author = {Maarten H. {van der Vlerk}},
            title = {Stochastic Programming Bibliography},
            year = {1996-2007},
            howpublished = {World Wide Web, \url{http://www.eco.rug.nl/mally/spbib.html}}
    where the macro \url is defined in the LATEX style file url.sty.

    A copy of this bibliography is part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection, and can be searched using this search form.

    There is a separate bibliography on Stochastic Integer Programming (351 items), also available in BibTeX (133K) and Adobe PDF (122K) format.

    Finally, there is a list containing only items with primary subject 90C15 (Stochastic Programming) (1101 items, last updated on March 10, 1997).

    Distribution of publication dates (source: The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies):

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